Day 5 on Zbrush (Likeness bust)

This is the 5th day working with Zbrush, we were sculpting busts to the likeness of any reference we wanted, I used Willem Defoe, love the wrinkles and obvious characteristics that stick out on his face, thought it would make a good challenge for me while I’m learning. Since the exercise was to sculpt the likeness I decided to use a premade base mesh so I would already have the main shape, ran into some problems with it not flowing that well and making some jaggered lines even when the mesh density was uop really high so I might start to practice more with just making the base mesh from a sphere.
This is probably my best sculpt so far, still have some things I need to tweak
-bringing the nostrils back
-bringing the jowels back
-the eyes are looking flat, need to round them
-the eye ridge needs to be either more puffy or maybe push the middle ridge back a bit


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