Still Life Assignment Day 02

April 4th 2017

Day 2 – 04/04/2017 7:43 pm

Second day of the assignment, still not one hundred percent sure of our overall theme but we do want to go for a panorama theme at least
we’ve got 3 types of panoramas styles so far
-Standard long image
-Animated clip that stops at our individual parts
-360 view

each have their downfalls and positives

have also started listing more items that might be useful

NES controller
Xbox Controller
Wacom Tablet
triforce necklace
family ring
paint mixing tray
watercolour container
sketch book
zelda book
hard drive plus cord
ethernet cable or other cords
coffee mug
aloe vera bottle
mechanical pencil

I also modeled my triforce necklace and gave it a test render in renderman

It’s fairly dark but I was only doing some quick renders before leaving the lab came out pretty fine, could easily add some scratches to that


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