Still Life assignment Day 10

April 13th 2017 Day 10 – 13/04/2017

Got a basic grey render with my basic objects done

Final Photo

Final picture_2304.jpg

Basic Grey Render, needs some work with tweaking the lights to brighten it up a bit and move them a bit


Update: 7:18pm, Grey render with some more fixed lighting and models more complete, models still need a little tweaking which I will hopefully do more tonight
backdrop needs a curve
need cord at very end of xbox controller
move mouse to show xbox logo
need to tweak left side of xbox handle
need to rotate gameboy towards the ground a little bit more
need to move mouse cord down more
need to tweak xbox handle to still have more of a bump/ curve on it
need to bring the trigger handle down more
do most of these tweaks in zbrush



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