April 15thk, 16th 2017 Day 12 & 13 – 15/04/2017 16/04/2017

was unable to do any work these days as my computer’s graphics card stopped working and I was unable to access maya, I was also unable to get down to course to use the computers so I am now 3 days behind stressing a little more with the assignment, still needing to tweaking the models and create the UV’s so on Monday I will be doing that while also playing around with the material shaders to try and get as close look as I can.
Once the models are fairly good looking and the, the UV’s are made and I’m played around with the shaders I will then finish off tweaking the different lights in the main scene to try and match the photo closer

hopefully if that gets all done on Monday then I’ll have one day each to create a texture for each of the models, hopefully that won’t be as bad if I have some shaders doing most of the work for me


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