April 17th 2017 Day 14 – 17/04/2017

I got to class a little later than I wanted to 11:30am instead of the 8am start I wanted to do
Things I got done
-UV’d Gameboy and Mouse
-got basic materials onto gamboy and mouse and half of the xbox controller
-figured out how to create the glass/ transparent effect for the buttons and the gameboy screen

things I didn’t mange to do and need to do tomorrow morning
-UV xbox controller
-finish making basic Material shaders for xbox controller
-Finish matching the lighting in the main scene

thing I need to start in the afternoon
-start to texture one of the models preferably either the gameboy or the mouse, I’ll save doing the xbox controller until I’m in class so I can ask about the displacement mapping

So still a little bit behind but I am slowly catching up losing basically my whole weekend and not being able to do anything onto the project has really screwed me up a bit but luckly the material shaders have helped me with a lot of the work and I really just need to only work on the minor details


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