April 22nd 2017 Day 19 – 22/04/2017

So I’ve come to the conclusion after discussing it with multiple people, that the reason why the texturing programs were crashing was something to do with the computer runnnig out of GPU when trying to open 4k texture files, and maybe the save file being corrupt as well.

Today I wasn’t able to open my mouse 4k file it just kept crashing so I started again with a 2k one instead and it seemed to run fine. So I don’t think it was my models high poly that were making it crash which is what me and my tutor thought might have been the problem to begin with.

anyway today I managed to get a mouse texture mostly done and figure out a bump level for the xbox controller,hopefully the xbox textures don’t overwrite the bump


Starting to feel a tiny bit better about this but still stressed out of my mind since I’ve basically been playing a weeks catch up in a couple days for the modelling and the texturing side. This whole assignment has been the definition of Murphy’s law for me, well hopefully things start to get better from now on…


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