April 27/28th 2017 Day 24/25 – 27/04/2017, 28/04/2017

finally finished, and its as close as its going to get to the photo

here’s the photo

Final Photo.jpg

My final Render




April 26th 2017 Day 23 – 26/04/2017

done all I’ve can, playing around with final textures and lighting, got it looking pretty close, gonna hopefully render and then composite tomorrow, two days to go.Scene_R_18.PNG


April 24th & 25th 2017 Day 21 & 22 – 24/04/2017, 25/04/2017

spent the whole day on the 24th just tweaking more of the lighting, this is where it is at right now, was meant to take out that dark line but forgot to re add it onto the modelScene_R_14.PNG

had the renderer going all day for the 25th so no real updates, plus it was anzac day and actually spent a day with my family for the first time with this project ( didn’t even spend easter with them because of how stressed I’ve been and trying to get this to work)


April 23rd 2017 Day 20 – 23/04/2017

Spent the whole day working on trying to get the xbox textures working and trying to get the light to bounce correctly, finally get that little shadow to appear near the trigger after a week and a half of trying to do it, and get a little bit of green bounce light around the gameboy controller which is good, I put a light behind the models to emulate the backdrop being lit up and it’s allowed it to look closer to the photo, I’m not sure what else I can do, everthing I seem to try doesn’t help the image at all, think this might be what my final image will look like, might still tweak the lights a little bit more.

Scene_R_12.PNGFinal picture_2304.jpg





April 22nd 2017 Day 19 – 22/04/2017

So I’ve come to the conclusion after discussing it with multiple people, that the reason why the texturing programs were crashing was something to do with the computer runnnig out of GPU when trying to open 4k texture files, and maybe the save file being corrupt as well.

Today I wasn’t able to open my mouse 4k file it just kept crashing so I started again with a 2k one instead and it seemed to run fine. So I don’t think it was my models high poly that were making it crash which is what me and my tutor thought might have been the problem to begin with.

anyway today I managed to get a mouse texture mostly done and figure out a bump level for the xbox controller,hopefully the xbox textures don’t overwrite the bump


Starting to feel a tiny bit better about this but still stressed out of my mind since I’ve basically been playing a weeks catch up in a couple days for the modelling and the texturing side. This whole assignment has been the definition of Murphy’s law for me, well hopefully things start to get better from now on…


April 21st 2017 Day 18 – 21/04/2017

After the whole day of struggling with my model and restarting programs, I finally got substance painter to work with my gameboy model and managed to get my gameboy somewhat textured and put it into my scene, time to finish off the mouse and xbox controller and hope it looks alright (that’ll be saved for the weekend) and then hopefully fix the lighting if I figure out how

Before Gameboy textureScene_R_04.PNG

After Gameboy texture



April 20th 2017 Day 17 – 20/04/2017

whole day wasted, all for nothing, I tried to do texturing got only my mouse sorta done after it freezing 3 times for about 30-40 minutes each time, but it won’t export, just sits there ‘exporting’ for like an hour and a half, substance or mari won’t even load my gameboy they just both crash and I haven’t even tried my xbox controller, I’m thinking I’m only gonna probably be able to use the shaders for my final render at this rate, probably gonna fail at meeting the deadline again because of problems and miscommunication, in fact probably gonna fail this whole assignment…


April 19th 2017 Day 16 – 19/04/2017

was struggling with lighting for the whole day yesterday, trying to get shadows to line up and to get the right colours, it’s getting closer, still struggling with the shaders, not looking right

Top photo is a basic render, the bottom one is the photo I’m recreating

now to hopefully start texturing, on the last day before coloured renders are due, oh the stress…

Scene_R_03.PNGFinal picture_2304.jpg


April 18th 2017 Day 15 – 18/04/2017

This is just a simple render but got all the models shaders done, still messing around with the lighting, haven’t even started the textures, thinking it’s looking pretty bad, the models aren’t right so wont make the same lighting effects, and have no time to tweak them so this is probably the best I can produce, probably won’t be good enough to pass but I’m past the point on caring now, with my computer breaking losing 3 days and then a week at the start, I’ve just started to hate this assignment and really want it to be over now
will try and tweak the lighting more tomorrow and hopefully start with the textures but I’m pretty confident that mine will probably be the worst in the class, I really don’t want to present this at the end of the project…



April 17th 2017 Day 14 – 17/04/2017

I got to class a little later than I wanted to 11:30am instead of the 8am start I wanted to do
Things I got done
-UV’d Gameboy and Mouse
-got basic materials onto gamboy and mouse and half of the xbox controller
-figured out how to create the glass/ transparent effect for the buttons and the gameboy screen

things I didn’t mange to do and need to do tomorrow morning
-UV xbox controller
-finish making basic Material shaders for xbox controller
-Finish matching the lighting in the main scene

thing I need to start in the afternoon
-start to texture one of the models preferably either the gameboy or the mouse, I’ll save doing the xbox controller until I’m in class so I can ask about the displacement mapping

So still a little bit behind but I am slowly catching up losing basically my whole weekend and not being able to do anything onto the project has really screwed me up a bit but luckly the material shaders have helped me with a lot of the work and I really just need to only work on the minor details