April 15thk, 16th 2017 Day 12 & 13 – 15/04/2017 16/04/2017

was unable to do any work these days as my computer’s graphics card stopped working and I was unable to access maya, I was also unable to get down to course to use the computers so I am now 3 days behind stressing a little more with the assignment, still needing to tweaking the models and create the UV’s so on Monday I will be doing that while also playing around with the material shaders to try and get as close look as I can.
Once the models are fairly good looking and the, the UV’s are made and I’m played around with the shaders I will then finish off tweaking the different lights in the main scene to try and match the photo closer

hopefully if that gets all done on Monday then I’ll have one day each to create a texture for each of the models, hopefully that won’t be as bad if I have some shaders doing most of the work for me



April 14th 2017 Day 11 – 14/04/2017

just playing around with some shaders in renderman, would have liked to have gotten more done but internet wasn’t working for most of the day and when it did start working I had to download renderman and that was being weird and took a while to get going.

Still Life assignment Day 10

April 13th 2017 Day 10 – 13/04/2017

Got a basic grey render with my basic objects done

Final Photo

Final picture_2304.jpg

Basic Grey Render, needs some work with tweaking the lights to brighten it up a bit and move them a bit


Update: 7:18pm, Grey render with some more fixed lighting and models more complete, models still need a little tweaking which I will hopefully do more tonight
backdrop needs a curve
need cord at very end of xbox controller
move mouse to show xbox logo
need to tweak left side of xbox handle
need to rotate gameboy towards the ground a little bit more
need to move mouse cord down more
need to tweak xbox handle to still have more of a bump/ curve on it
need to bring the trigger handle down more
do most of these tweaks in zbrush


Still Life assignment Day 07

April 9th 2017 Day 7 – 09/04/2017

Worked on some composition photos and got to a basically finished model for my gameboy, will probably need tweaks but it’s good enough to move onto some new models


I really like these two shots, will play around with trying to get it looking nice hopefully the next time I get the green room


This is how the gameboy has come out, I just put some Disney Pixar shaders and coloured them to get the sorta feeling of the look

These are the shots I took

Still Life assignment day 06

Gameboy half.PNG

April 8th 2017 Day 6 – 08/04/2017

Posting a little late but for day 6 got some composition shots done, trying to find my look, I’m going with the contrasting theme of old vs new, via gaming, I objects I’ll have with be a Gameboy, Xbox controller, cellphone mouse and maybe a box and cartridges

I got half way through with my gameboy model, decided that since only half of it is going to be seen that I’ll only model the detail on one side

Gameboy half.PNG

Here are the photos I took, warning there’s 49 of them

Still Life Assignment Day 05

April 7th 2017 Day 5 – 07/04/2017

We did out pitches and have now decided to completely start again with a new theme, the panorama wasn’t a good idea and has wasted us a whole week, (we need to now have have to come up with a new theme)
which we came up with our theme being contrasting themes each of our scenes needs to have a contrasting element in it


Still Life Assignment Day 03

April 5th 2017 Day 3 – 05/04/2017

Wed spent the day sorting through a list of our objects and making different rough variations of how it would be set up
My final list includes;
Sketch book
Zelda book
Zelda necklace
gameboy colour
pokemon yellow
xbox controller
mechanical pencil
Wacom tablet

The anatomy book was just a place holder for my Zelda book